3/09 kansikuva

Sosiologia 4/2017

54. vuosikerta

Haluatko lehden?

Pääkirjoitus: Olli Pyyhtinen & Outi Koskinen: Looking back and Signing Off


Anna Alanko & Matilda Hellman: Service Users and Experts in Finnish Mental Health Care Planning: Three Phases of Expansion and Inclusion

Christopher Brennan: More than Just “Volunteers”? Working Tourists as a Labor Source in Finnish Lapland

Yên Mai: Constructing Queerness in Vietnam: Essentialism, Homonormativity, and Social Hierarchy

François Dépelteau: Toward a Processual-Relational Adaptation of “Substantialist” Sociology: Starting with Durkheim


Katherine Twamley, Mark Doidge & Andrea Scott (eds.): Sociologists' Tales. Contemporary Narratives on Sociological Thought and Practice (Oili-Helena Ylijoki)

Sareeta Amrute: Encoding Race, Encoding Class. Indian IT Workers in Berlin (Marja Peltola)

Dave Elder-Vass: Profit and Gift in the Digital Economy (Katariina Mäkinen)

Hannele Harjunen: Neoliberal Bodies and the Gendered Fat Body (Tuija Koivunen)

Ross Barnett, Graham Moon, Jamie Pearce, Lee Thompson & Liz Twigg: Smoking Geographies. Space, Place and Tobacco (Anu Katainen)

Jean-Yves Camus & Nicolas Lebourg: Far-Right Politics in Europe (Vesa Puuronen)

Didier Fassin (ed.): If Truth Be Told. The Politics of Public Ethnography (Pilvi Hämeenaho)

Outi Sirniö: Constrained Life Chances: Intergenerational Transmission of Income in Finland (Esa Karonen)


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